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Thanks for joining the iAPPS Community Support site. Please see below, or you can download the attached PDF to review a few FAQs on navigating and utilizing the iAPPS Community Support Site.

What is the iAPPS Community Site?

This site is a resource for iAPPS users, authors, administrators and developers located at that includes iAPPS announcements, documentation, videos, tools, knowledge base, discussion forums and support ticketing system.

The site is divided into three sections:

  • Community – for all lovers of iAPPS
  • Administrators & Authors Resources – for those seeking resources around the iAPPS Admin interface
  • Developers Resources – for those seeking resources for coding in iAPPS

What sections can I access?

Access to each section is determined by the iAPPS license purchased by your company.

  • If you are an iAPPS customer in our database and signup and login with your work email, you will automatically have access to the Administrators & Authors Resources section.
  • If you are an iAPPS customer who purchased a developer license or you work at an iAPPS Channel Partner, you also have access to the Developer Resources section.

If you have issues accessing, logging in, signing up or are not seeing the access level you expected, please email or call us at 800.430.3539.

How can I resolve an iAPPS issue on my own?

The iAPPS Community Site is here for just that! We want iAPPS users, authors, publishers, authors, administrators and developers to come in and read up in the Knowledge Base and ask questions in the Forums. Being proactive and utilizing the search functionality within each section of the support site will help you get your answers quicker.

How can I subscribe to get Email Updates to certain forums?

This is music to our ears! The purpose of these forums is for you, to be able to stay in the loop with all the most up-to-date content released to our iAPPS Community. To subscribe to a Forum, click into the Forum and in the upper right hand part off the screen, select the little mail ‘Subscribe’ icon. This will automatically subscribe you to that Forum and emails will be sent to the address provided at login.

Where can I post questions to all iAPPS Community members?

You can post user, author or administrator questions to the iAPPS Community under ‘iAPPS User Discussion Forum.’ Developers can post questions to all iAPPS Developers under ‘iAPPS Developer Discussion Forum’.

What if I cannot find the answer in the knowledge base, do not get answer I need on a forum or still need help?

We have you covered! We have a support group known as the iAPPS Success Group (iSG) dedicated to assisting you with questions you cannot solve on your own.

Click on ‘submit a request’ in the right rail to submit a support ticket. In the request, please provide URL, steps to reproduce, browser version used and a detailed explanation of the issue.

Each ticket submitted will be routed by the internal intelligence of the system to a specific group of iAPPS experts depending upon the nature of the ticket. You can also email the team at or call us at 800.430.3539.

How long does a support ticket take to resolve?

You will get an automated email immediately to let you know your ticket has been submitted and provide you with a unique ticket number. You will also hear from an iAPPS Support Specialist within 24 business hours (Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time) confirming that the ticket is being worked by the team.

The actual time to resolve a ticket varies based on complexity of the issue or question. As a reminder the iAPPS Success Group (iSG) supports over 2,500 iAPPS websites. All these websites have custom functionality and are unique to your business, so sometimes to fully resolve a ticket iSG must escalate a ticket to the local Bridgeline Digital field office who handled your implementation, our IT Hosting team and/or our iAPPS Research & Development (R&D) team.

As always, we strive to resolve tickets as quickly as possible prioritizing tickets across the entire iAPPS community with the greatest severity or urgency.

I have a great idea for iAPPS, how do I get this idea heard by the iAPPS team?

Terrific! We’re love when our iAPPS Community helps us grow our product. To help facilitate this, all iAPPS Users can go to iAPPS Community section when logged in and select ‘Submit iAPPS Suggestions’ to have your ideas submitted to the iAPPS Research and Development (R&D) Team and voted on by other iAPPS Users. The more votes an idea receives, the more likely we will be to institute that suggestion into a future version of iAPPS.

What should I do if I have a Site Emergency?

 In the event of a Site Emergency such as a Site Outage, you should contact the Emergency Hosting IT team. You can reach a member of this team at 866.599.6223 or email to have the IT staff paged.

What else do I need to know?

We can’t think of anything else, but if you have questions remember you can email the team at or call us at 800.430.3539.

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